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East London Boating Association

The East London Boating Association (ELBA) was founded in 1881 when the RMB Buffalo Regatta began. Home to East London rowing, ELBA manages the buildings and facilities on behalf of East London’s four rowing clubs. ELBA forms part of the Eastern Cape Rowing Association who are the leaders in the development and growth of rowing in South Africa.

The RMB Buffalo Regatta

ELBA is the proud host of the annual RMB Buffalo Regatta which is a major event on the South African rowing calendar. The RMB Buffalo Regatta, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious national sporting events in South Africa, sees over 1000 competitors taking part in over 200 events over three days. The keenly contested RMB Buffalo Regatta trophies are commonly regarded as the most valuable trophies in South Africa, which makes the event even more magnificent.

Rowing Trophies