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We are proud to announce the RMB Buffalo Regatta Headline sponsor; RMB – “We have chosen rowing as the sport that best represents our business philosophy of teamwork and collaboration”.

The RMB Buffalo Regatta is a National event and has seen participation of international crews from time to time. One of the features of the Regatta, which serves to underline its unique positioning within South Africa, is the fact that it is the only national regatta where participants from all the senior and junior clubs compete side by side. This creates a wonderful atmosphere, inspired performances, and memorable learning experiences for the up and coming juniors.

In past the characteristics of the Buffalo River dictated that the rowing course was limited to four lanes. During the floods of 2003 the creek at the 700m mark spilt so much debris into the river that extensive restoration had to be undertaken. An enormous project was completed by the local rowing community to clear the creek and widen the river at that point. Now that the debris, mainly in the form of rocks and stones, has been removed the regatta enjoys a six lane course.

Various initiatives are currently underway to continuously improve the event and facilities to attract top level competition. With continued support from local authorities and sponsors, the future of the Buffalo and Selborne Regattas looks bright.

The RMB Buffalo Regatta is supported by The Department of Sport, Recreation Arts and Culture.

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