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In 1881, the East London Boating Association (ELBA) was founded. It was formed by the three clubs, namely, East London Rowing Club, Leander Rowing Club and Buffalo Rowing Club. It was founded out of the necessity to look after the combined interests and shared facilities of the three clubs. The principal objective of the Association is to provide facilities in East London for the sport of rowing.

At present ELBA consists of four rowing clubs. Two senior clubs being Buffalo Rowing Club and Leander Rowing Club, and two school clubs being Selborne and Clarendon schools.

ELBA are also tasked with hosting and arranging rowing regatta’s within our region, of which our most prestigious event is the RMB Buffalo Regatta which is one of the oldest sporting events in South Africa and it attracts rowers from across the country from schools, clubs and universities.

ELBA’s aim is to grow and foster the sport and together with our senior clubs we ensure development and transformation takes place to grow the sport we are so passionate about.

At present ELBA is situated on the West Bank of the Buffalo River in East London. We have a lovely clubhouse with great facilities which offers a beautiful view of the river and probably has one of the best viewing points for regatta’s in the country.

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