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East London Rowing Clubs

Buffalo Rowing Club

Buffalo Rowing Club

Buffalo Rowing Club was founded in 1875 and it is the Second Oldest Rowing Club in South Africa after Alfred’s in Cape Town that was formed in 1864.

In 1973 a new Bridge was proposed to be built directly over the Club House on the East Bank of the Buffalo River, and the replacement was built in its current location on the West Bank with several of our Buffalos contributing toward the new ELBA building. Unfortunately, Buffalo Rowing Club closed in the late 1970s, but continued supporting ELBA.

In 2015, we saw the revive of the Buffalo Rowing Club and have reinforced their belief in growing the sport of rowing. This year they have been instrumental in the formation of the OR Thambo Rowing Club in Mthatha and locally they have introduced severally formerly non-rowing schools to the sport that hopefully will branch out as their own rowing club in the near future.

Contact details:

Email Address: kate@godlyn.co.za

Contact number: 061 009 0649

Website: www.buffalorowingclub.co.za

Facebook: Buffalo Rowing Club

Leander Rowing Club logo

Leander Rowing Club

Leander was founded by ID Overbeck in 1881 and operated out of a shared facility at first creek on the Buffalo river, now the Princess Elizabeth dry dock. Leander took part in their first regatta in the same year, the now famous RMB Buffalo Regatta and very quickly recorded significant success in the major rowing events at that time, including winning the Grand Challenge event on numerous occasions.

During the war years, rowing ceased, placing enormous pressure on the clubs to find a way to survive. At this time the energetic and industrious members of Leander, having just returned from war, approached Selborne College to recruit new junior rowers, this lead to the founding of a new club, Selborne College rowing club. Selborne and Leander now share almost a 100-year history of rowing, training and racing side by side. During the late nineties Leander once again took the initiative to promote rowing amongst juniors, ultimately leading to the founding of Clarendon Rowing Club in 1998.

Currently, Leander is thriving and is the only club in South Africa to have an unbroken record of participation in the RMB Buffalo Regatta every year dating all the way back to its in inception.

Contact details:
Email Address: leander@leander.co.za
Contact number: 083 226 3134
Website: Leander
Facebook: Leander Rowing Club

Selborne Collage Rowing

Selborne College Rowing Club

From humble beginnings the Selborne College Rowing Club, founded in 1922, with the assistance of Leander Rowing club who were recruiting new junior rowers at the time. Selborne Rowing Club is the oldest schools rowing club in South Africa and has grown into a force which is highly respected and regarded throughout the rowing world.

Trevor Shelver went on to assist and coach Selborne College rowing for 40 years, also introduced the Selborne Sprint Regatta in 1960 for juniors to promote rowing amongst schools.

Selborne rowing has grown from strength to strength and our club rows against the top schools in the country at the RMB Buffalo Regatta and Selborne Sprint Regatta with great results being achieved each year.

Contact details:
Email Address: flatoutlife@gmail.com
Contact number: 082 772 8408
Website: www.selborne.co.za
Facebook: Selborne Rowing

Clarendon Girls High School Rowing Logo

Clarendon High School for Girls Rowing Club Rowing

Late in 1996, seeing a void in the development of female rowing in East London, a group of Clarendon girls sitting on the bank watching their brothers rowing were approached and asked if they would like to try it out. The response was overwhelming and with the help of Leander and Selborne, this handful of girls were the first Clarendon girls to row.

It wasn’t long before Clarendon registered as an independent school club and received a donation of boats and equipment from SASRU that saw them up and running in 1997.

Clarendon has grown from strength to strength over the past 20 years and consistently boasts a membership in excess of 50 athletes.

Clarendon remains a strong and competitive girls school rowing club and has won numerous medals at national regattas and championships as well as having athletes represent South Africa at junior level as part of South African development teams and at Junior World Championships.

Contact details:
Email Address: billgodfrey.rowcoach@gmail.com
Contact number: 083 469 2930 / 083 562 1610
Website: www.clarendonschools.co.za
Facebook: Clarendon Girls High School Rowing